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About Becca

My name is Becca Polak and I'm seeking the UCP nomination for Calgary-Mountain View. 

As a born and raised Albertan, I've been through the ups and downs of our province and have witnessed the opportunities this province has provided for thousands of residents and non-residents alike.

After spending several years in the service industry before making my move into the energy sector, I’ve seen first hand how the NDP’s poor government decisions have negatively impacted the work force in Alberta.

Alberta was once known as the land of opportunity with a thriving and prosperous economy. We need a government that fights for and is proud of the hard-working Albertan once again. 

Like you, I want to see our province advance and prosper on a national and international level- not only for ourselves, but for generations to come. 

If elected, I will commit to grassroots consultations with constituents, focusing on balancing the budget, scrapping the carbon tax and keeping taxation and regulation to a minimum

I'm devoted to spending time in the community as I've dedicated myself to volunteering with several organizations such as the Alberta Children's Hospital, Prostate Cancer Canada and working with adults with mental disabilities. 

I believe in the people of our great province and I want to be your pipeline to a better government.

May I count on your support? 

For more information send me an e-mail electbeccapolak@gmail.com or by phone 403.921.7543 

Political Experience

Wildrose Executive Committee

In 2016, as the Vice President of Communications for the Wildrose Party

Interim Joint Board-United Conservative Party

In 2017, as a director on the interim joint board for the UCP

for a government that's proud of hard working albertans


Rachel Notley’s NDP has destroyed businesses in Alberta. A province for the people needs to listen to small business owners and follow through on their concerns. According to a survey of Restaurants Canada members, 97 per cent said they will boost prices to customers when the province increases the minimum wage. 83 per cent will cut staff hours. Leaving less money in your families pocket on a night out, and even less for those who will lose their jobs. 

Alberta remains well under the national average in business confidence. Although Notley’s NDP sing praises for the economy, just as many businesses are looking to lay off workers than hire them. With less revenue from businesses and the oil and gas industry, Albertans face fewer government services (seniors care, healthcare, police officers) and more government turmoil.

I want to return Alberta to the economic advantage we had before the NDP. I want to bring Alberta hope and renewal. 

Join my team, sign up for a membership today and vote for change. 

Vote for Becca Polak to reduce small business burdens, put money back in your pocket and return critical investment to Alberta. I will fight to bring jobs to Alberta and return business confidence. 


· Reduce red-tape

· Increase competitiveness

· Restore business confidence


 Before the drop, oil and gas revenue provided income for thousands of Albertans, fed thousands of families and generated revenue to pay for hospitals, schools, roads and other projects. It was with our oil and gas that Alberta had an advantage. But due to Notley’s and Trudeau’s mismanagement, pipelines are not being built, investment is fleeing the province and families are burdened by a new ‘commuter tax’. 

Trudeau's implementation of the Carbon Tax is bad for business, bad for families and most importantly, bad for Alberta. The Carbon Tax will increase the price of everything families rely on; transportation, food, home heating, electricity, and more. And yet, Notley agreed to the Carbon Tax as a tax on polluters. All the while pipelines are still not built and everyone from commuters, to families to seniors are forced to pay more. 

I pledge to join Jason Kenney in fighting to repeal the job-killing Carbon Tax. I will fight to create a competitive environment where investment is drawn back into Alberta and I will fight for our families and friends who lost their jobs in the oil industry. 

Vote Becca Polak so we can stand with future Premier Jason Kenney, Premier Moe and Premier Ford in fighting the Carbon tax. I will stand with our families and neighbours to keep costs affordable and create a competitive business environment to return investment to Alberta.

· Repeal the Carbon Tax

· Build pipelines 

· Bring back investment 


 Rachel Notley is turning our schools into social laboratories, teaching subjects based on special interests and whatever the NDP feel their children have failed to have been taught by parent concerned Conservative governments. 

This year, October 2018, the NDP decided to favour one of their own. While other schools continue to lack funding for basic improvements and playgrounds for our children, the NDP miraculously provide $200,000 to pay for a new playground in an NDP held riding, while ignoring other schools throughout Calgary and Edmonton that also require funding. The NDP continue to display their favouritism and tone-deaf response to our children’s needs.

Calgary – Mountain View needs an MLA that will fiercely represent them in Edmonton. We need a representative who can lead us through this nomination into the election with a running start. Vote for Becca Polak, vote for the representative with the energy, passion and charisma needed to turn Calgary – Mountain View UCP blue. 


· Respect Parents

· Consult Families 

· Fight for the best interest of our children


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