About Becca

My name is Becca Polak and I'm seeking the UCP nomination for Calgary-Mountain View. 

Born and raised in Alberta, I've witnessed the opportunities this province has provided for thousands of residents and non-residents alike.

After spending several years in the service industry before making my move into the energy sector, I’ve seen first hand how the NDP’s poor government decisions have impacted the work force negatively.

Alberta was the land of opportunity and now, we need a government that fights for and is proud of the hard-working Albertan. 

Like you, I want to continue to see this province prosper not only for ourselves, but for the next generation. 

If elected, I will commit to grassroots consultations with constituents, focusing on balancing the budget, scrapping the carbon tax and keeping taxation and regulation to a minimum

I enjoy spending time in the community. I've dedicated myself to volunteering with several organizations such as the Alberta Children's Hospital, Prostate Cancer Canada and working with adults with mental disabilities. 

I believe in this province and I want to be your pipeline to government.

May I count on your support? 

For more information send me an e-mail electbeccapolak@gmail.com or by phone 403.921.7543 

Wildrose Executive Committee

In 2016, as the Vice President of Communications for the Wildrose Party

Interim Joint Board-United Conservative Party

In 2017, as a director on the interim joint board for the UCP

for a government that's proud of hard working albertans


Keep taxation and regulation to a MINIMUM and restore investment potential. 


Promoting Alberta's global energy leadership. Build pipelines and SCRAP the carbon tax. 


Commit to grassroots consultations while considering provincial legislation. FOCUS on balancing the budget.

Calgary-mountain view

Bridgeland. Capitol Hill. Crescent Heights. Hillhurst. Hounsfield Heights. Briar Hill.  Mount Pleasant. Renfrew. Rosedale. Sunnyside. Kensington. Westmount.